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Our programs are divided into 3 categories: Lite Versions, Pro Versions 4.9 and Pro Versions 5.0. You may get them in 3 easy steps:

What made our medical programs different is that they are personally designed by a practicing physician himself, Dr. Richard Mata, winner of the 2008 HanDBase International Open Software Design contest.

" If it works superbly in my clinic for 9 years now, it will surely work in yours too regardless of your specialty or nationality!"
Richard T. Mata, MD, DPPS
Physician and Programmer
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The Free Medical Softwares in this website (Lite and Pro) are intended to be given by Dr. Richard Mata to all interested Medical Practitioners worldwide. However, the concepts and the features of the programs here are not intended to be copied by other software programmers without the consent of the author.

Lite Versions:

Pro Versions 4.9:

Pro Versions 5.0:

Step 1: Download our 2 FREE LITE VERSIONS namely : Patient Files Lite and the Rx Writer Lite softwares for Windows. They are both totally free and will not time out. Both can now be downloaded instantly!
For a start, click the link below to view the videos on how it works.

If you are already using Step 1 and want to proceed with Step 2 which contains our still FREE PRO VERSIONS namely, Patient Files Pro 4.9 and Rx and Orders Writer Pro 4.9 softwares for Windows and their accompanying applets to make it also run in iPhone, iPad and Android. It is still totally free and will not time out! And it is yours for the asking, just email for a request. (Note: You must have successfully installed Step 1 first before you go Step 2.)

If you are already using Step 2 and want more great features, you need to proceed with Step 3. This category contains the Patient Files Pro 5.0 and Rx and Orders Writer Pro 5.0 softwares for Windows and their accompanying applets to make it also run in iPhone, iPad and Android. This is our commercial package. It is available for sale to those who want to upgrade for the powerfull features of 5.0. But before planning of buying Step 3, we request that you use the free version 4.9 (Step 2) first and be familiar with it.

Pro 4.9

Pro 5.0


$ 200 only


Welcome Doctors!


(Windows only)

(Windows, iOS and Android Package)

(Windows, iOS and Android Package)

Note: Here you can sync your patients from your PC to your iOS or Android even w/o internet connection!

$ 99.95 only

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50% off for a limited time.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Hi and welcome to Easy Clinic Software. My name is Dr. Richard Mata, a medical physician and the software developer of all the programs you will get from this website. Just like you are, I was once looking around the internet for any good software that I can somehow download and help me in my clinic practice. That was about 9 years ago. After a long search, I was a bit disappointed for nothing really fits my needs. So I decided to program it myself with the help of HanDBase USA tech support team. These were my reasons on why as a doctor, I decided to become a clinic software programmer:

1. Most of the softwares online that will computerize our prescriptions take a longer time to use compared to handwriting. More so, most of them cannot be customized to my own words. So I made Dr. Eyes Rx Writer which is guaranteed to be faster than handwriting. And definitely customizable to your own favourite drugs or even to your own local language.

2. I havenít seen any software that can computerize the Admitting Orders. So I made Admitting Orders Writer software! Very fast and easy to use and very customizable to your usual orders for your patients to be admitted.

3. Most Patient Filing softwares are web based. What if my area has a slow internet connection or worst, no internet? It becomes useless! Web based patient files means that the private details of my patients will be saved in the cloud (actually in another personís server). A question on privacy, right? Web based also means that I have to pay the company a monthly fee, like 50-100 dollars per month for the rest of my life (do the math, they actually think all doctors have lots of money). They say itís for the storage rent of the doctorsí files. If you stop paying you can no longer open your very own patientsí data. Wow! What if the company will stop existing or bought by another company? There goes your years of data encoding gone like a bubble! And do I really need to pay for a storage rent when in fact my laptop still have enough free space? That's why laptops are expensive because we paid for that memory space in it, right? So I made Patient Files Windows version which is a standalone software that only store your Patientsí records inside your own hard drive.

4. Most web based companies will argue, you should be web based so you can view your records anywhere in your iPad, iPhone and Android and not only in your Windows. Well you donít need to be web based but you only need to have a good multi-platform software like HanDBase to do that. So I also made Patient Files iPad, iPhone and Android applets for HanDBase as the companions for the Windows version. This will allow the doctors to synchronize his/her patient data from the PC to his/her mobile device and view them anywhere. Even in areas where there are slow or no free internet, like the hospital wards. They will also say you need to be web based to sync patient files from different clinics. With the help of the free cloud software Dropbox, I am able to sync files from 2 or more clinics easily even though my software is not web based.

5. Most softwares also can't do filtering, certificate printing and all the other things HanDBase can do. Thus I used HanDBase as the main platform for my clinic software and I'm happy to have chosen correctly.

So for about 9 years now I have been in software programming and then using it personally in my clinic. Time to time I improve and revise it as I see it fit based on my experience and the comments of other doctors using it worldwide. I do believe thereís an advantage if the doctor is also the programmer. Currently my latest version is now the Version 5.0 which I am now selling with a good price in this site. But you donít need to buy it now, just download the FREE Lite versions first and then upgrade to Version 4.9 which is also FREE. I did not placed any time limit. You can use it forever without paying! It's my share for the easy modernization of the medical world. My only request is for you to share this website in your Facebook for other doctors to discover it.

Buying Version 5.0 will allow you to get the full potential of our 9 years of programming and I guarantee you that upgrading to it will surely be worth more than your investment!

Richard T. Mata, MD, DPPS
Easy Clinic Software
2008 HanDBase Applet of the Year Winner

A Message from our Founder:

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