Hi and welcome to Easy Clinic Software. My name is Dr. Richard (Dr. Eyes) Mata, a medical physician and the software developer of all the programs you will get from this website. Just like you are, I was once looking around the internet for any good software that I can somehow download and help me in my clinic practice. That was about 9 years ago. After a long search, I was a bit disappointed for nothing really fits my needs. So I decided to program it myself with the help of HanDBase USA tech support team. These were my reasons on why as a doctor, I decided to become a clinic software programmer:

1. Most of the softwares online that will computerize our prescriptions take a longer time to use compared to handwriting. More so, most of them cannot be customized to my own words. So I made Rx Writer which is guaranteed to be faster than handwriting. And definitely customizable to your own favourite drugs or even to your own local language.

2. I havenít seen any software that can computerize the Admitting Orders. So I made Admitting Orders Writer software! Very fast and easy to use and very customizable to your usual orders for your patients to be admitted.

3. Aside from being able to Computerize the Prescriptions and Admitting orders, I included all the basic details a Doctor wants from the patient. From Dempgraphics, Chief Complain, Diagnosis, History, Meds Given, Laboratory, Medical Certificates and many more. I called it Patient Files Desktop version which I am now giving it for free so many Doctors can easily upgrade their practice!

4. In order to become more mobile, I also released an iPad and iPhone version of Patient Files where you can transfer your data from the Desktop to the iOs and vice versa.

So for about 10 years now I have been in software programming and also using it personally in my clinic. Time to time I improve and revise it as I see it fit based on my experience and the comments of other doctors using it worldwide. I do believe thereís an advantage if the doctor is also the programmer. Presently, I shifted to using tutorial videos in this website for your easy learning. I do believe Doctors who are non-techie or techie may easily grasp instructions with videos than reading long manuals. My efforts are never ending as to provide you an easier way to go hitech!

Again as your colleague I would like to personally thank you for giving interest in my works.


Dr. Richard Mata
A Message from the Founder:
Richard (Dr. Eyes) Mata, MD, DPPS
Easy Clinic Software
2008 HanDBase Applet of the Year Winner
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